• We are a lively newfrontiers Church that meets near Queens Park in Chesterfield. We want our worship to be creative and biblical, in line with Isaiah 58, because worship is expressed as who we are as people, not just what we do on a Sunday morning.

    We want to be a people who...

    • Extend ourselves to those in need to help repair lives and show God's love
    • Be like a well watered garden, where we refresh one another in love
    • Build something new that will reflect what God's done in the past
    • Give without reservation; everything we have is a gift from God for the benefit of us all
    And by God’s grace in our lives it will be so!


  • Dave’s Deliberations

    “Recently I received a mild rebuke from a Church member.  The reason for this rebuke?  Well I had not told them or anybody in fact, that, generally, I had Monday’s off completely from doing any sort of Church work.  This even included not looking at emails or even opening the computer.  The exception being of course an emergency, which I would respond to in any such circumstance.  The member then told me that not knowing this fact and then them phoning me over some trivial matter would have made them feel bad if they subsequently found out that I was on a day off!  Thinking about it, I came to the conclusion, they were right of course.  Communication with one another can save much embarrassment, misunderstanding or even pain.  Don’t make assumptions, talk to one another, it helps.”

    Editors Note Dave is off on Mondays



  • All Welcome to Sunday 10.30
    22nd Tony Marron 29th All Age Family Service – Mike Dalby