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Light Party 2017
We had a light party on 31st October 2017

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Easter Chesterfield 2017
We spent a cool day with the people of Chesterfield sharing the gospel and making new friends

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CitP visit to Rumania 2017
Day 1
Chris, Pat, Gaynor and Robin started their visit today sorting and wrapping presents. 🎁
It was a long and very busy day but we achieved a lot. We were very grateful to Camilla for feeding us during the day - thank you so much!
Tomorrow we are travelling to Silistea Gumesti, a village which is 130 km due west of Bucharest. 45 very poor children will receive presents.
Day 3 & 2
We were asked by the villagers we met yesterday not to make any postings on FB out of respect because it was the funeral of Mihai, the last king of Romania.

We were up before six yesterday to leave at 7.20am for the drive to the office where presents are stored. We loaded the cars and van then 25 of us made the 130km journey to the village of Siliştea Gumeşti in Teleorman County, west of Bucharest. The teenagers did a concert, the gospel was shared then gifts given out. The hall was packed, probably over 300 children and adults. This is the first time that an event like this had been staged in the village and also the first and possibly the last time that they they will hear Jingle Bells being performed by 4 people from Chesterfield. 😄😄 Sponsored presents were given to about 40 of the poorest children and all others were given a bag with sweets and chocolate. It was a very tiring but also a very emotional day - a day not to be forgotten
Day 4
The morning was spent sorting and wrapping presents as they came into the office. At 6pm we entertained 83 children and 18 parents from the Rahova District- the most deprived area of Bucharest- in a restaurant. After singing we shared the gospel with them and then they enjoyed a meal before collecting their presents from Santa. Another enjoyable and memorable day
Day 5
We visited several locations to deliver presents - abandoned houses, shacks lit by candlelight and a house renovated by a hardworking father. The gospel was actively preached at each location. We thank God for answering our prayers and for sustaining us.
Day 6
Today was our last day working with Mike and Dana in Bucharest. It has been a bitterly cold day, the worst of conditions to visit India, a very poor area on the outskirts of the city.
The pictures speak for themselves.
It has been a challenging week, physically, emotionally and spiritually. However, with much prayer and teamwork, many children have been blessed with Christmas gifts and we have shared the gospel with them and their families.

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Rumania HRC Christmas 2017
Mike, Dana and the team travelled 190 miles north to the village of Ghidion which is in an extremely remote area of Romania close to the Moldovan border. They handed out donated presents to 130 children - a joyful day for them! There are no jobs and people still barter.
The video shows how difficult the terrain is for the children who have to walk 5km to school every day in ice,snow and predators. This is why HRC help the children of 3 villages in this area because there are great needs - some very challenging stories

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Saturday Fellowship Oct 2017
Noel Fellows visits to give his testimony and we all felt really encourged. The fish and chips were also a good addition.

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Rumania Christmas 2016
The CitP team visit Hope Rescue Centre CitP Team Visit 2016

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Rumania, Christmas 2015
Hope Rescue Centre CitP Team Visit
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