• We are a lively Newfrontiers Church that meets near Queens Park in  Chesterfield. We want our worship to be creative and biblical, in line with Isaiah 58, because worship is expressed as who we are as people, not just what we do on a Sunday morning.          

    We want to be a people who...

    • Extend ourselves to those in need, helping to repair lives and share God's love
    • Become like a well watered garden, able to refresh one another in love
    • Are building something new that will reflect all that God has done in the past
    • Give without reservation, seeing everything we have as a gift from God, given for the benefit of us all

    And by God’s grace in our lives it will be so!


  • Sarah's Wrightings (November 2019)

    Changes are afoot - very exciting changes too as we have a fresh new cafe and a new leader starting soon. I want to spend the rest of this little note honouring two of the most servant-hearted, generous, faithful and God-fearing people I have ever had the priviledge of knowing - Dave and Gaynor Newman.

    Dave and Gaynor were a little reluctant to come to CITP and serve the church to begin with. Although Dave has been the 'church leader', really the role is a job share between husband and wife, who have both served us well. Whilst Dave has been the front man preaching to us, leading meetings and pastoring the flock, Gaynor has been quietly running the children's work until very recently, running a small group and generally administering her kindness to everyone. They have both had a profound impact on us all. They are both so honest, caring and above all want to put God and His will first.I am so glad that God brought you both to our church. Thank you for all that you have done.

    To finish, Titus 1 verses 7-9 sums them up very well, "A church leader is a manager of God's household, so he must live a blameless life. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered; he must not be a heavy drinker, violent or dishonest with money. Rather, he must enjoy having guests in his home and he must love what is good.He must live wisely and be just. He must live a devout and disciplined life. He must have a strong belief in the trustworthy message he was taught; then he will be able to encourage others with wholesome teaching and show those who oppose it where they are wrong."

    You are welcome to join us on Sundays at 10.30am.

    November 3rd Barry Killick

    November 10th Mike Dalby

    November 17th Susan Killick

    November 24th Jeff Kitts

    After the meeting please join us for tea, coffee, juice and biscuits in the café area

    November 19th Prayer meeting 7.45pm at church


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